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Mitchell Goldstein has created a third party proposition player service provider in Gold Gaming Consultants that offers unparalleled service.
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Gold Gaming Consultants stands out for helping its partners operate a successful card room with California style games. That’s because there’s a big difference when you choose us.
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At Gold Gaming Consultants, we aim to help you grow your operation with integrity, in a way that is at the same time honest and profitable.
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There’s a lot of competition among card rooms in California. Running one might seem like a safe bet, but as we all know, there are no safe bets in this industry. However, there’s a partner out there who can help maximize your profits. Gold Gaming Consultants is a third party player proposition service (TPPS) partnering with clients throughout the state of California. There are quite a few services like us out there, but at Gold Gaming Consultants we’re proud of the difference we make to our clients. Everything we do is with the client in mind.

Please read on to see what that difference means, and then learn more about the man running the show. We’ve also provided you with a number of resources on this website to let you make the most informed decisions possible.

Contact us to schedule a consultation, or with any questions or comments you might have. We’re always happy to help.

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